Pingvalue & Pingcoin

Introducing a blockchain-based digital marketing solution that understands what customers want, what brands need & what smart cities are capable of. We have entered a new era in commerce that is driven by people, centered on value and enabled by Read more

Litecoin Price Analysis: Can LTC/USD Break This?

Litecoin price is struggling to gain upside momentum above $215 against the US Dollar. LTC/USD must stay above the $200 to start a fresh upside wave. Key Talking Points: Litecoin price was seen trading lower yesterday towards the $200 level Read more

Rate3 Wants to Empower a Truly Global Payment and E-commerce

Bitcoin Press Release: SINGAPORE – Rate3 aims to create a new global e-commerce ecosystem that ties consumers, merchants, suppliers and other intermediaries together with a native cryptocurrency that facilitates all transactions efficiently, cheaply and quickly. The cross-borders e-commerce payment space today Read more

B2B payments firm Cambridge to pilot Ripple’s XRP

Cambridge Global Payments, a FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. owned B2B international payments provider announced today they will launch a pilot program with Ripple, the global blockchain payments solution for enterprise. Cambridge processes over $20 billion… B2B payments firm Cambridge to pilot Read more

SegWit adoption for Bitcoin slowly but surely on the rise

The cryptocurrency industry is indisputably leagues from where it began. However, it’s easy to lose perspective among the headlines, which preach bitcoin’s demigod status among financial markets yet also call for its replacement with… SegWit adoption for Bitcoin slowly but Read more

PoW vs PoS — the debate defined

Often overlooked in any discussion about cryptocurrencies, is the critical importance of consensus algorithms and how fundamental they are to the application and potential of any blockchain coin or token.While nobody disagrees with the general concept of consensus agreement being Read more

Venezuela Launches National Cryptocurrency

The government of Venezuela has turned to the world of cryptocurrencies in order to try and revive its ailing economy and escape both crippling debts and U.S. sanctions. The resource-rich nation has turned into a something of a digital asset Read more

Researchers Explore Eclipse Attacks on the Ethereum Blockchain

An eclipse attack is a network-level attack on a blockchain, where an attacker essentially takes control of the peer-to-peer network, obscuring a node’s view of the blockchain. In a new paper titled “Low-Resource Eclipse Attacks on Ethereum’s Peer-to-Peer Network,” Sharon Read more